Code Abstractions

One Night Only Online Exhibition 2021


Follow the links below to 9 individual projects. For each project page you will first see the coded outcome in full window size. Then, scroll down for more project details and artist information.

About Code Abstractions

Code Abstractions is an elective course that focuses on applying coding in creative and expressive ways. Ideas and outcomes generated, triangulate between Code, Context and Aesthetics.

In a series of recommended readings, different epochs of computing, the Internet and computer art are addressed, triggering classroom discussions and generating ideas for visual expression through code.

In a series of code workshops participants are introduced to a number of basic but fundamental techniques for creating a computer program and no prior knowledge is required but an open mind to learn and experiment. This course aims to discover the qualities and potentials of coding and art practice through abstract interpretation, representation and aesthetics.

Furthermore, participants will be exposed to relevant coding techniques, tinker with algorithms, numbers and change over time to give form to one's ideas and present them online.

By using open source tools participants will establish an understanding of a range of applications and techniques to help in constructing a series of sketches on paper, on screen and online.


The following texts were used as starting points for the works presented here. Each participant selected one of these texts to form an interpretation expressed through code of the fragments, thoughts, and meanings contained therein.

One Night Only Online Exhibition.